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Chilliwack Divorce Lawyers - As hard as it is to acknowledge, every so often a marriage simply doesn't work out. It is imperative that you choose a law firm with the right skill to be able to assist you through the stressful, emotional experience of divorce.

Our firm is well-equipped in all aspects of family law to represent you in both Provincial and Supreme courts.

Our firm has the knowledge and experience to make sure you know all your rights and obligations, along with the different approaches to resolving the disputes that take place in the proceedings. Your lawyer would give you all the data you require in order to make educated decisions.

Aspects of family law which our company specializes in are: prenuptial and separation agreements, spousal/child support, custody/access of children, division of personal and business assets, divorce and separations and family law mediation.

Our company offers quality and efficient service all over the Lower Mainland and British Columbia. Our firm practices exclusively in family law.

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When gold was discovered in the Fraser Canyon in 1857, more than 30,000 gold miners trekked the goldfields, usually passing through the Chilliwack area in their travels. This resulted in its development, and steamboat landings on the Fraser River called Chilliwack landing, Sumas Landing, and Miller's Landing likewise contributed to Chilliwack's expansion. Chilliwack was incorporated during 1873, making it the third municipality within British Columbia.

There are a lot of attractions in the city of Chilliwack for the visitors and residents to pick from. Amongst these attractions, Minter Gardens has many beautiful tulips that have been imported from Holland. What's more, there are at least 100,000 rhododendrons which provide a great backdrop in the rock wall and cedar trees terraces...